Big Demonstrations in the Islands met by Repression and violence by the Police

A big strike took place on Wednesday, February 26 in Lesvos, Samos and other islands of the Aegean sea region of Greece. The workers and the local communities protested the plans of the Greek Government to impose the creation of new Refugee Concentration camps in the islands, as agreed with the EU.

Huge protests took place against the brutal repression of the Government, which “invaded” the islands by landing hundreds of Riot Police forces, which attacked the people.

Video from the attack against Lesbos Regional Trade Union:

Videos from the Demonstrations: (demonstration at the construction site of the camp) (demonstration in Lesbos city center)


Demonstrations were also organized in Athens in front of the Parliament (VIDEO)

During the demonstrations, the Police also attacked against the cadre of PAME, President of the Lesvos Regional Trade Union and other unionists. But, the huge mobilization of the islanders forced the Government, late last night to announce that it will withdraw the Riot Police forces, without canceling the construction of new camps.

New General Strike has been called in the islands for today, February 27

 PAME in its press release stated:

“The imposition of the Turkey-EU agreements about the Refugees, by the Greek governments not only has not improved the situation, but has made it even more unbearable for both the migrant refugees and the islanders. Things will get worse as competitions in the region intensifies and Greece becomes more and more involved in US-NATO wars and interventions that create thousands of refugees.

The rightful demands of the islanders, demanding the release from the country, of the thousands uprooted refugees not only are not realized, but the government responded with the MAT(Riot Police) landing on the islands as an “occupation army” against the people’s determination not to allow the Governments’ plans.

The determination shown by the Trade Unions in the islands, with the organized action of Regional and local Unions can be the true shield of the people against oppression and intimidations.

PAME and all its member organizations, steadfastly focused on defending the interests of Greeks and immigrants from policies that cripple their lives, will continue to fight until the EU-government plans are canceled.

Enormous and criminal is the responsibility of the government for developing a Police repressive terrorizing mechanism as an “occupation army” on the islands.

The trade unions, the workers and the people will stand against them”