Happy and militant 2017 – The 3 brochures of the CC of KNE. “Truths and Lies about Socialism”

Dear comrades, greetings from Athens!

We wish you that 2017 will be happy, militant and creative.

During 2017, the communists all over the world will honour the 100 years from the Great Socialist October Revolution. Hoping to contribute from our part to the conversation, which has already began between Communist Youth Organizations and youngsters from around the world before the anniversary of this momentous event, we send you in pdf form in the English language, the 3 brochures of the Central Council of the Communist Youth of Greece with the title: “Truths and Lies about Socialism”. In the first brochure we deal with matters of socialist economy, in the second with matters of socialist power and in the third we answer to the lies and the dirty attempt of the falsification of the history of socialist construction. It is about 3 brochures that have been presented at hundreds of events all over Greece, and have been distributed to young people by tens of thousands, they have supported in a essential way, the effort of the members of KNE, to answer to normal questions that the youth in Greece has today like: “why was Socialism overthrown?” or “how can the society which you fight for be done again?” and many more. At the same time, we would like to inform you that we continue the effort for publications of CC of KNE, with the aim to contribute to the ideological and political struggle against bourgeois class and opportunism concerning the issues of socialism – communism, its scientific laws and its historical contribution.

The translation was carried out with the responsibility of the International Relations Committee of the CC of KNE. We sought that the majority of our references to works of Marx-Engels-Lenin were made to English speaking web pages on the internet, and not to publications from KKE, as they are in the Greek edition. This is the only differentiation of the Greek from to the English edition. It’s not necessary to say that we are at your disposal for any question or if you want to express your opinion in relation with the content of the brochures that we send you.

Her kan du læse de 3 bøger som er omtalt

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